Royalty Sports

Bringing premium international sporting brands to your doorstep.

History & profile

Royalty Sports (previously known as The Bicycle Company) is the official South African distributor of Craft functional sportswear, MET helmets and Corse components.

Trading as The Bicycle Company from 2010 - 2014, the company has imported and distributed premium cycling brands such as Trek Bicycles, SKS Tools, Cratoni helmets, .SIS Nutrition, Lake shoes and Bont shoes over its first 4 years.

Drawing from this experience, the business was streamlined and re-branded in April 2014 to consolidate its brand portfolio and direct its focus on the sporting industry as a whole.

Royalty Sports has more than doubled its salesforce since April 2014 and is committed to increased investment in staff and logistics in order to offer their distributor partners a world class distribution channel into Africa. A fleet of branded vehicles travels the country attending sales- and sponsored events to raise awareness even for their brands..

Specific brand acquisitions have been targeted to fit the profile of the company and to complement the brands comprising Royalty Sports' portfolio.Class-leading, premium brands are the backbone of Royalty Sports' portfolio to ensure that focus is maintained within the trading environment that is consistent with the corporate identity.

Our Athletes

Royalty Sports partners with many top athletes across a variety of sporting disciplines to ensure that they have access to the best equipment and support required to reach the top step of the podium. Not only do we support the elite athlete through our sponsorship programme, but we also offer grass-roots and age-category ambassadors the chance to benefit from the same level of equipment and support that our sponsored pros have access to in order to reach their goals via our ambassador programme.


Dr Evil Karoo2Coast
A few of the events we are sponsoring this year
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Craft Racing

Craft Racing SA will be represented by 6 teams in 2015. Sponsored by Royalty Sports this talented bunch of guys and gals will focus their racing calendar on the premier mountain bike and road events in 2015. The teams consist of two Vet, three Sub Vet and one Ladies team.

We're very excited about having a focussed group of dedicated and talented athletes to join us and represent the Craft brand in South Africa.

Watch this space for results and news in 2015!